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Ark Property is a specialist in the residential property field.  

Our experience in residential property dates back to 1991, meaning we truly understand property cycles and the effect of supply & demand. Our ability to draw upon history gives us an insight into the future, allowing our clients to benefit from our unmatched knowledge of future supply, infrastructure spending and changing demographics. The Ark team have been involved in the acquisition and sale of thousands of homes with an end value of billions of $.

Ark Property is an end to end provider of property services from site identification & acquisition through to construction and then property management. Because we are committed to long term relationships with both ’1st time’ and ‘multiple property’ clients, our selection process ensures our clients have every opportunity to achieve both high capital growth and positive cash-flow.

We believe that the process of purchasing an investment property should be an enjoyable, stress free experience. To facilitate this we have a Step By Step process, leaving no question un-answered.

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Our key criteria for selecting our investment properties which are packaged up and presented to the market are the following:

Ark Property Management

Why choose Ark Property Management to look after your ‘Dual Dwelling’ investment property?

  • Service dedicated only to our clients that build new homes with us. We consider our product to be superior to traditional residential property and as such only manage the Dual Dwellings we construct!
  • Ark Property has access to your property prior to completion – we can advertise it for rent significantly sooner than other agencies and provide potential tenants with access to inspect it during construction. We are also able to show potential tenants similar completed properties so they can make an informed decision earlier. This means that your property has a much better chance of being tenanted from the day it is completed.
  • Garden & Lawn Maintenance until tenants occupy – ensures the property is presented up until the time that the tenant moves in & the tenant is then responsible for maintaining it to the same standard during the tenancy and at hand over should they move out.
  • Maintenance period DOUBLED from 6 months to 12 months – ensures you have no maintenance costs for an extended period. This assists you in budgeting and delivering you a higher net return!
  • Guaranteed callout period – in the event of a maintenance request we guarantee the tenant that we will physically inspect the property within 72 hours of them reporting any minor issue. This means we & you have a better quality tenant that cares for your property. They will likely want to stay longer, will pay more rent and maintain the property better – helping to drive capital growth!

What are our fees?

Ark Property Management Fees